Inverted Yogasanas

Inverted Asanas reverse the action of gravity on the body. It is refreshing and revitalizing. Inverted Asanas, improve health, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase self confidence. They also increase mental power, concentration and the capacity to sustain large workloads without strain. When we go upside down, the world appears to be inverted. The brain is flushed with nourishing blood, the mind clears, the nerves quiet down, and everything seems to become more still yet awake, offering a graceful invitation to meditation.

Inverted Yoga Poses for Beginner

Improve Circulation: Inverted Asanas encourage blood to flow to the brain, nourishing the neurones and flushing out toxins. This process nourishes the cells of the whole human organism.

Improve Balance: When you find balance in inverted asanas, will help bring balance into your life off the mat as well. Holding an inversion requires patience, practice, and being present in the moment. These all qualities will bring balance in your body and eventually in your life.

Increase Core Strength: In order to stay balanced in an inversion, you must rely on upper body strength. To hold the poses, the core muscles must be engaged while the arm muscles work their very hardest.

Increase Immunity & Energy: While the body is in an inverted asana, the breath becomes slow and deep, maximizing the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, and generally encouraging correct respiration. Also, the abdominal organs receives a powerful massage, helping them to perform their functions more efficiently. When blood rushes to the brain, it stimulating and invigorating the entire body. This rush of blood gives the body an energy boost and also increases alertness and focus. 

Bring Relaxation: The parasympathetic nervous system is activated in inverted postures, which helps calm the body and mind and give you a sense of balance and peace.

Contra-indications: People with heart conditions, high bp, back conditions, arteriosclerosis, glaucoma, an active ear infection or any other disease of the brain, cervical problems, pregnancy and menstruation should not practice Inverted Asanas.


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