Your daily ritual may involve getting up to an alarm, rushing to shower, dress and eat and then rushing to work. For a change, begin your day with the sunrise, Mother Nature’s daily expression of hope and celebration of new beginnings.

You may already getting up early enough to see the sunrise, but chances are you are busy getting ready for work. If so, try this meditation on the weekend.

Begin your day around 5:00 am. Greet the first light with prayer and meditation. Greeting the dawn is a wonderful way to begin your day – in sync with the rhythms of nature and in touch with your spirit.

Outdoor Meditation At Sunrise

Find a spot facing east and take your seat just before sunrise. Take a few deep breaths and settle into a comfortable position. Bring your attention to the sounds of the birds, the earth below you and the sky above. Feel your own energy and be conscious that you are beautiful, you are unique.

As the sky lightens in the east and the night gives way to day, let go of yesterday. Greet the morning with tenderness and feel towards yourself and others. Acknowledge your past and celebrate a new beginning.

Sit in quiet contemplation until you are ready to start the day.


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