Hanumanasana/Monkey Pose

Hanumanasana is a deep hip opener that challenges the strength and flexibility of the leg muscles and hip flexors. This pose improves flexibility and blood circulation in the legs and hips. It massages the abdominal organs, tones the reproductive system and makes the pelvic area supple. 

People who suffer from conditions such as slipped disc, sciatica, hernia and dislocation of the hip joint are strictly advised not to attempt this asana. 

Warming Up For Hanumanasana/Monkey Pose

The practice of Hanumanasana teaches us to be patient along with endurance. Since it is a challenging pose people would give up going further and may not even come back to this practice. But being patient, understanding the requirements of the body strength, going step-by-step into the practice are all essential to master this posture. But it is believed that if we master this posture we should learn to let go and practice meditation seated here, taking the practice towards the spiritual level.

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