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Gentle Yoga Class :


If you have never tried yoga before or if you are at beginner level, you can start your practice with our one hour gentle hatha yoga class on every Monday and Wednesday.  Our Gentle Yoga classes are a great start for you to boost your mind and body to bring in yoga rhythm.


Power/Core Yoga Class :

In our Flow Yoga Class, you sweat, you  stretch, and find your body melting on the yoga mat at the end when you are in shavasana. You don’t need to be “in shape” to do yoga you just need to be willing to take that first step.


Chakra Yoga Class & Yin Yoga with Meditation :

In our Chakra Yoga Class, we work and focus on different Chakras, elements and energy. Come join us and experience our Chakra Yoga Class. In Yin Yoga Class we focus on each yoga poses for 45 seconds to 2 minutes. And at last we provide guided meditation for 10 – 15 minute. Yin Yoga with Meditation is really a different kind of experience which you don’t want to miss so come join us for Yin Class for our next session.

More classes will be introduced very soon…