Our Happy Yogis

“I’ve had great pleasure of taking Gayatri ‘s Karma classes. She teaches yoga from the heart, she has great knowledge of the yoga discipline and her classes feel very personalized; carefully designing her the class to fit the students.”

With quick pickle of dried apricot“I have had the pleasure of attending Gayatri’s Karma classes and they leave me feeling extremely blissful. She has a very strong background for the Philosophy of Yoga and a deep knowledge of the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation. Her classes are filled with a lot of love, soul and the connection she makes with her students really leaves everyone feeling in tune and connected within themselves.”s and pistachio crumble

Ted Jones
Reasonable Prices. Good location, and flexible schedule. Would recommend.

Prakash Bhagat
There are two types of yoga teachers. One who just teach you different poses and techniques and other who try to transform your life and who help you to become better person, Gayatri is one of those exceptional teacher who has helped me to transform myself in last few months and to improve each single day. whether you are new to yoga or advance practitioners, she has so much to teach and offer. With Gayatri, everyday there is something new to learn about yoga. God bless her for putting all the efforts.ome-smoked bacon and onions

Sabrina Marie
Yoga4U provided a sweet escape from the summer heat. The environment was cool, clean, and refreshing. This inviting space offers a lovely diffuser smell, soft relaxing music and complimentary hot tea to add to the overall experience. I highly recommend the gentle Hatha yoga class with Gayatri as her geniune nature leaves you feeling comforted and at ease. Great teacher and great price options. Overall amazing experience! A must try. 

Arvind Shah
I was surprised to see such a awesome place in Brampton. She has a great knowledge and I was impressed with her teaching. She has helped me to reduce my back pain and I can recommended each and every individual to give a try.

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Shalini Srivastava-Modi
Gayatri is an excellent teacher and a very compassionate person. Her studio is a very relaxing place. She offers various programs to suit ones needs and availability. She offers Reiki healing as well and I received Reiki and Chakra Balancing sessions and they really helped me feel better. I am just so pleased I have found ‘Yoga 4 U’!!

Kathy Sjouwerman
Wonderful relaxing atmosphere with a great instructor

Payal Gagneja
Gayatri is not just a great instructor, she is a great human being too ! She is very professional, and you will not be dissapointed! A perfect guide on whom you can rely upon not just for transforming your body but your life as well.

Meghha Abrol
I have had the pleasure of attending Gayatri’s yoga classes during weekends. And that sense of achievement after each class is truly out of the world. My week offs have never been so relaxed and satisfying. Gayatri is a very patient teacher and understands the needs of each person. Also the positive vibe you get when you enter the class is an experience of its own.

Jacquie Newcombe
Just loving my morning Yoga classes with Yoga4U. Thank you for being such a great instructor!!

Brayden Mattes
When I first started taking classes at Yoga4U, I had never tried yoga before. Gayatri has been an excellent teacher and is quite accommodating with her schedule. If anyone is new to yoga, I would recommend Yoga4U as a great way to get your feet wet.

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Angie R
Lovely studio.
As soon as as the instructor greets you at the door, you can feel the calmness and the positive vibes.
Classes are always consistent, every time challenging the students.
At the end of each class there’s complimentary detox tea, which I really enjoy and look forward to.

Bharath G
Best instructor hands down ! The place is filled with positive vibes and the classes keeps you motivated and refreshing and it has changed my perspective on yoga.Each class is designed in a adaptive way and was easier to schedule and communicate. I would definitely recommend to try atleast a class to experience the difference.Thank you gayatri for making the difference and enlightening with your knowledge.

Karinne Saraiva da Silva
I had never tried Yoga before. I started to recover from emotional stress, and it helped so much. After just a month, I feeling more strong both physically and emotionally. Even though the classes, are not private, I fell like she is paying attention to everyone individually and taking care of our needs. Recommended.

Maninder Bharaj
I really like the Yoga4U studio. It offers variety of classes through out the week.ans weekend. Studio is clean and welcoming. I really like the background music played during the classes. Gayatri is amazing instructor. She helps improve yoga poses; also gives lot of emphasis on correct breathing technique. Highly recommended !!

Asiff Bhagat
It’s a marvellous yoga class, I would recommend it to my friends too. The environment in the room is truly relaxing and calming which is perfect for meditation. The instructor is very helpful and she guides us through every pose and each of the yoga poses has a purpose. If we can’t perform a pose in the correct posture, she helps us to perfect it and also encourages us to be healthy. Yoga also helps us to improve our very important mental and physical health. Going to this class helps me a lot and I am thankful to the instructor

Spoorthi P
I love Yoga4U studio. Instructors are super friendly and helpful. They run different classes everyday. I feel relaxed with soothing music and smell. Great teacher, always make sure that pose I am in is perfect and correct me if I am not in right pose. I leave every class feeling relaxed. I can see a big difference in tone,strength and body posture. Overall a great experience. Thank you.

Luana Roman
Both my daughters, aged 10 and 7, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend kids classes. Never hesitated to go back for Sunday classes.
Instructor was firm yet playful enough to keep the kids engaged… will definitely go back!

Gurpreet Bharaj
I joined Yoga4u one year ago. I am really happy with my decision to join this place. I can see positive changes of doing yoga on my body and mind. I’m really satisfied with the services provided by the instructor.

Bolanle Ekujumi
It was my first time ever in a yoga class, I was a bit nervous before I joined Yoga4U in January. It was a great decision. Now, I look forward to getting on the mat every Tuesday and Thursday morning to get refresh on my body and soul.

Tamana A
Where do I begin?! I have always done yoga but never had such an amazing experience. Gayatri is very knowledgeable, caring and strive to make the studio a very welcoming and safe place to practice yoga. I highly recommend Yoga4U- it has the perfect lighting, awesome music, good mix of flow and strength building / wind up and wind down.

Thank you Gayatri for healing my heart, mind and body.. Namaste..

Kristina Pereira
Gayatri is amazing! The space is clean, calm and I love the small intimate classes. She is very knowledgable and has helped me progress in my practice. The hours are great and accomodate my hectic life. I’m so happy I found her and Yoga4U! Highly recommended.

Parisa Askarnejad
I have been Gayathri students for couple of months, she is great teacher and she really encouraging us to practice yoga in our day to day busy life. Her studio is cozy and very yoga oriented. She was so nice to offer us tea after our evening Yoga class and have the opportunity for socializing. The prices are affordable and she is flexible. Thank you!

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Alvy B
I have been to other yoga studio in the past but Yoga4U is different. This home-based studio has something special :

Firstly, Gayatri has a way of guiding her classes and explaining at the same time. For instance, I learned not only how to practice different breathing technics but also why.

Secondly, she is professional but at the same time personable. She always takes some time at the beginning of each classes to ask us how we are feeling today.

Thirdly, Gayatri not only demonstrates poses while students practice them, but she also circulates through the class in order to correct our postures or she is observing from her mat.

Finally, the studio offers a variety of classes 6 days per week at different time. I had the opportunity to practice different yoga postures according to my needs.

I can definitely say that through her guidance, I have learned so many different postures and how to be more connected with a calm breath.

Mugdha Nayak
THE BEST yoga studio in brampton!! the ambience, music and the calm manner in which Gayatri leads with is extremely helpful and allows for you to release all your stresses without any pressure. She is very knowledgeable and works with you to help heal any body pain or issues that you may have along with making sure your posture is right. I always feel very refreshed and relaxed leaving her yoga studio. She also provides yoga mat’s incase you forget yours which I really appreciate. And as a bonus, she has an adorable puppy that happily greets you as you enter! Couldnt ask for a better place to do yoga. Highly recommend!!!

Kamal Rajpal
I have gone for yoga at yoga4u …gayatri is an excellent teacher..she know her work very well and guides you properly on the poses as per ones needs..her studio is well designed…

maria pereira
Amazing experience, while at Yoga4u , it is relaxing and it is your time to recharge .
Atmosphere is relaxing and people are friendly and respect your time and space.
Instructor is amazing, helpful and makes your time extremely pleasant and relaxing

Sara K
Gayathri is an excellent yoga teacher. I like her sincere and caring nature and the excellent training she provides. You must try it.

natasha singla
A warm and welcoming yoga studio. Happy to find it! Has a very positive vibe to it as the soothing backround music and calming smell of incense helps melting the brain down. Great teachers, guiding you through the postures with their easy to follow instructions. If you are new to yoga, this place is definately a good start.

Archana Vyas
Soothing and pure place where you feel the flow of positive energy coming through. The yoga teacher is excellent – whether you are in a group class or a private class, she pays attention to everyone’s postures, so you really feel you have achieved something at the end of the class!.

Hima Bindu
Great place to start my first yoga practice. It changed the way I deal day to day activities. Gayatri is very positive and inspiring yoga professional. She is consistent and excellent in teaching and guiding towards positivity.
I am looking forward to more classes and I recommend this place to start a new journey towards positivity and healthy lifestyle.

Rashmi Mehta
Yoga4U is a warm, welcoming environment with knowledgeable teacher within a friendly community. Learning to connect the physical self with the emotional self transcends the walls of the studio and brings lightness to the mind and the heart. I enjoy the variety of classes, I can always find a class that suits my mood perfectly. Yoga4U can be whatever you need it to be – an opportunity to develop physically (flexibility, balance, etc), time to re-connect with your thoughts, or simply a space of respite and renewal.

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