Brayden Mattes

2 weeks ago

When I first started taking classes at Yoga4U, I had never tried yoga before. Gayatri has been an excellent teacher and is quite accommodating with her schedule. If anyone is new to yoga, I would recommend Yoga4U as a great way to get your feet wet.

This was my first time experiencing a reiki session and i have to say I feel amazing. Firstly the studio is extremely clean, professional looking and cozy. The entire setup during the reiki session from using Sage to cleanse the energy in the room to reiki balancing music and the owner herself has a immensely healing touch . I felt balanced, refreshed and energized after the reiki detox and chakra balancing sessions. I noticed the subtle results the next day when i tuned into myself and realized my confidence, positivity and creativity has been realigned. She is extremely patient and understands the needs of the person she is performing the healing for. I would truly recommend her to anyone who needs some sort of healing and willing to start their yoga classes as well.She is extremely educated in her field and provides a very clean, safe and healthy environment to begin. Thank you very much 🙂

Arvind Shah

4 weeks ago

I was surprised to see such a awesome place in Brampton. She has a great knowledge and I was impressed with her teaching. She has helped me to reduce my back pain and I can recommended each and every individual to give a try. 👍🏽

Sabrina Meldrum

6 weeks ago

Yoga4U provided a sweet escape from the summer heat. The environment was cool, clean, and refreshing. This inviting space offers a lovely diffuser smell, soft relaxing music and complimentary hot tea to add to the overall experience. I highly recommend the gentle Hatha yoga class with Gayatri as her geniune nature leaves you feeling comforted and at ease. Great teacher and great price options. Overall amazing experience! A must try. 🙂

6 weeks ago

There are two types of yoga teachers. One who just teach you different poses and techniques and other who try to transform your life and who help you to become better person, Gayatri is one of those exceptional teacher who has helped me to transform myself in last few months and to improve each single day. whether you are new to yoga or advance practitioners, she has so much to teach and offer. With Gayatri, everyday there is something new to learn about yoga. God bless her for putting all the efforts.

Ted Jones

7 weeks ago

Reasonable Prices. Good location, and flexible schedule. Would recommend.



“I have had the pleasure of attending Gayatri’s Karma classes and they leave me feeling extremely blissful. She has a very strong background for the Philosophy of Yoga and a deep knowledge of the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation. Her classes are filled with a lot of love, soul and the connection she makes with her students really leaves everyone feeling in tune and connected within themselves.”



“I’ve had great pleasure of taking Gayatri ‘s Karma classes. She teaches yoga from the heart, she has great knowledge of the yoga discipline and her classes feel very personalized; carefully designing her the class to fit the students.”